A Standard

Make the best out of advantages offered by the exclusive premises

Intelligent technologies integrated inside the building represent blend of natural and comfortable working environment with the most recent security and technical features. Lighting and micro climate is optimized by computer. Ventilation and heating allow individual adjustments in selected areas. Security and monitoring system, fire protection alarm and professional security service shall take care of your safety.

  • lining and tiles from natural materials contribute to comfortable atmosphere of the circulating area.
  • Lighting, micro climate and the air conditioning concept is designed and optimized based on thermodynamic energy simulations and construction’s inner climate parameters.
  • Time-unlimited entry to the building
  • Security service 24 hours, 7 days in a week
  • Non stop technical maintenance
  • cleaning and janitorial service

  • Intelligent environmental management system for the building
  • Advance preparation for security and monitoring system of the building using chip identification cards with the broad array of uses and possible adjustament to various security standards.
  • Security cameras
  • EPS fire prevention system

  • Ventilation – air distribution provides fresh, pre-modified air for all premises/office space
  • Cooling through ceiling fan coils
  • Heating using individually controlled heating systems
  • Complex system of heating control and cooling in selected areas.
  • Natural ventilation (windows)

  • Drywall dividing walls and coffered lower ceiling
  • Antistatic carpets

  • Wiring
  • Heavy current vertical wiring
  • High voltage and low voltage
  • Digital telephone switchboard
  • Interface to public data and telecommunication systems supported by fibre optic

  • Restaurant ala carte, self-service restaurant
  • Café
  • ATM’s
  • Fitness and sun parlour
  • Pharmacy
  • Flowers
  • Bakery

A space for you

Workplace equipment according to your taste

We offer maximum flexibility in solutions for office space and premises. Floor plan and equipment that is in accord with your vision. We can meet all your requirements by providing the required standard. Whether you prefer open space solution, individual offices with dividing walls or office with immediate entry.